Okay, so every time I look at this page it is ALWAYS very out of date, so I will keep it simple: I’m Amy. I love Jesus.
I am married to a wonderful man of God. He is so thoughtful and pure. I thank God for him daily.

I have written this page to keep my friends and family, that I don’t get to talk to often enough, updated on the details of my life (from incredible to mundane :)

I hope you find something encourging or insightful while you are here.Furthermore, I hope you enjoy my posts and feel free to leave a comment or two. If I know you, let me know you stopped by :)

God is good, and He’s in a good mood!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. You are too funny! Your blog is as much about food as it is fitness. Oh well, atleast you are well-rounded, right? Hahahaha

  2. Hey- with all that you do when do you actually have time to write not one but two of these?

    I did enjoy your comment. They are indeed insightful. It is really cool to see you putting your significant thoughts to work rather than simply allowing them to float into obliviion like most people seem to do.

    Grat job. I love the picture of you sweating… i really do not know any other women who would put a picture of them all sweaty and “unglamourous? on thier own “vanity” webiste. I love the real you!!!

    Have great day, Keep it up. WeE miss you. Love Dad

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