Amy & Josh’s Wedding

Lori Hensley Photography

First of all, I must start off with the most recent news that we were featured in my wedding dress designers blog! @Lea Ann Belter

I was super excited when she notified me and asked me to tell more about my story about my wedding and my dress!

To read it, visit their site, here.

On the same wedding note, but different areas…
If you would like to read my blog about Josh’s proposal, go here.

To see our photographers blog post of our engagement session visit here.

To see the wedding images (Taken by Lori Hensley) visit here.

and to see the day after session, which was the best idea in the world, visit here.

To see our feature in our photographers, “Best of” post, visit here.

sheesh! it was all worth it and I am so glad to have all of these images to remember it forever!


One thought on “Amy & Josh’s Wedding

  1. Dear Josh and Amy- Wow! Just 2 days left. Wishing you both much fun at your wedding/reception and a relaxing honeymoon (even if you are surfing!). God Bless you and may you keep Him the center of all your adventures. Love, Randy, Stephanie and Hadassah Penwell

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