Busy social calendar = bad diet days

I have been so bad with blogging but I’ll give you a quick update of what you missed:
(not of just food, but everything)

Thursday I did averagely well on my diet. I did have a piece of Aubrey’s birthday cake and some Nutter Butters (again) but I did dance the night away as Sassy Ann’s with Katie, Aaron and Brett, so I know I burnt that crap off. There is no way I burn less than 200 calories an hour shakin my wanie fanie (funky song funky song)

Friday I worked late (well like 6:45) and then met up with Taylor at the park. I ate healthy all day except for TAYLOR MADE ME go to McDonalds with him and I somehow ended up with fries… ahhhhhhhhhh! I know! I don’t even like fries!!! But we did walk all the way there and back from Worlds Fair so that burns a lot of calories right? And we laughed a whole lot so that burns even more. He is on this I refuse to drive my car thing so we were walking everywhere. (Good for us) I am excited though because I just got my bike back from the church and Jaime Ketchen, Ben Fair and Taylor Brown all said we could go riding.

Deep thought side noted: While we were at McDonalds Taylor and I talked about my meanness (I fussed at Kat and felt bad so I asked him if I was a bia and doomed for life…)
He said I wasn’t a bia.
Naturally you are quicker to anger with the people you are the closest to. And you aren’t afraid to show it.
He gave me some really good advice to think about. He said that part of that is just how I am, but a way to work on my attitude and behavior, is when things really peeve me off, I almost need to take myself out of the situation and be like this is making ME mad, but what does the actual situation look like? Is it a big deal? Why am I so upset? Am I being selfish by only thinking about how I feel? I need to remember that I tend to over react and take that into consideration. Instead of automatically reacting to a situation, I need to respond in a way that takes my feelings and the others into account.

Saturday was really bad…. I’m not gonna lie… I had a fantastic omelet at the tailgate though. We all got there at like 9 (make it 10 for me because I walked from BFE) and Eric make omelets from scratch! Personalized! Anything we wanted in them! mmmm so good. And we had cantaloupe, grapes, cinnamon rolls, sausage, hash brows, biscuits, and much more! Now I didn’t eat all that I was just braggin on Monafo’s tailgate. Everyone was there and it was so great. Even Jesse was in town (my best friend Kat’s boyfriend) so it was overall a perfect day. Channing, Sara, Brett, Kat, Jesse, Matt, VInce, Rebecca, Jen, Corey, Megan. Who could ask for anything more? :)

Very impressive. Pictures to come. I didn’t have my camera but everybody else took plenty.
And we made a pyrimid.