It’s the little things

Do you ever have a moment in a normal day when you are doing normal things and all of a sudden something hits you, out of the ordinary, and you take a deep sigh and smile as you think, gaa, life is good.

It happens more than I can account for but most recently it happened Sunday and today.

Today I was walking out to my car headed to work and the wind picked and send my hair and clothes soaring and caused my entire body to step back a little.

I just stopped and smiled. It was as if that burst of wind was a reminder of how good God is to me. How no matter what I can rest in the comfort of knowing He is taking care of me. He loves me and is working for my good whether I always see it or not.

It was breath of fresh air.

And it really just makes me smile.

This week has been great weather so far and it is often underestimated.

God gives us so much that we take for granted. We don’t seem to give Him the time of day until he takes one of them away.

But as the Job says we must praise him for the good and the bad, we must not accuse him of wrongdoing. The Lord gives and takes away. How blessed am I to have been given and trusted with so many things.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And praise Him for the breeze!


The new “Christian”

I have decided men (and sometimes women) are using Christianity as a pick up line.

Yes, you heard me right.

Let me say I do have many Christian friends who I know love the Lord so I am not saying this by any means is all men, but from many personal experiences and those of my friends, we have indeed decided “Christianity” is now what some men use to get you to go out with them…

I guess they think that is the easiest way to have you convinced he is a good person. I mean what girl wouldn’t run home and be like, “eeeee! I got a date!! and guess what?!?! He’s a Christian!!!”

(awww *sigh from all the girl friends* what a catch! They think.)

That is until about two or three dates go by and you see what kind of person he really is.

So please, if you are not a God fearing, Jesus worshiping, Abba glorifying man, please do not claim to be one. Just be straight up. Don’t use godliness as a chance to get with a good girl. And girls quit claiming to be followers and “really good Christians” when you are not. Because then men date you and think that’s what a “Christian” looks like.. and they get confused. Especially if you are loose because then they think that’s just what all women (even the Christian ones now) are like. And THIS IS NOT TRUE.


If you are going to be a Christian, be a Christian.

Think, pray, follow, live, act and glorify God with your life.

If you are not, don’t claim to be.

I know we all struggle, stumble, fall and make poor choices; trust me i know. But there is a point when your stumbling becomes a lifestyle and you are no longer striving to me better but accepting your ‘worse’…. This is when i say we all need to reevaluate ourselves before the Lord and see where we stand.

Revelation 3:15
I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth!