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okay, I love this one too! Such a good CD!

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Through Smoke

Before the truth will come to fill our eyes
The wool comes down in the form of fire
And when the answers and the truth have cut their ties
Will you still find me
Will you still see me through smoke

I was born in a house in a town just like your own
I was raised to believe in the power of the unknown
When the answers and the truth have cut their ties
Will you still find me
Will you still see me through smoke

Who do you believe when you can’t get through
When everything you know seems so untrue
When I’m lost in a place that I thought I knew
Give me some way that I might find you

I love Girl Named Tennessee, too, but I would feel as if I was tootin my own horn if I posted that one ;)  haha


Bad company corrupts good character.

“You cannot play with the animal in you without becoming wholly animal, play with falsehood without forfeiting your right to truth, play with cruelty without losing your sensitivity of mind. He who wants to keep his garden tidy doesn’t reserve a plot for weeds.”
Dag Hammarskjsld

wHo aRe YoU?

I am about to go for a run and was reminded of a phrase my dad often says. I spent the weekend with him and the family, so all of his words of wisdom are fresh on my mind. I can remember growing up, they would drive me crazy; now I can’t get enough of them! ( am sure they drive some of my friends crazy though).

“It is not what you do that determines who you are,
It is who you are that determines what you do.”

This put us in responsibility.

If it was the other way around we could always place blame, oh that is just how I am

No, you determine how you act and who you are.

Before you do something ask yourself, does this reflect who I am? Who I want to be? Does this reflect who God has asked me to be? Who he says I am?

We were given the power to choose.

We have to choose what is the most important to us.

God tells us who we are.

Sometimes, it just takes believing it.

The truth will set you free.

This quote comes from dad, but he didn’t make it up. He pulled it from the Neil Anderson’s book Victory Over the Darkness, which deals with way more than i can tall you on here…the battle between flesh and spirit, heart and mind, truth and lies…satan’s accusation vs God’s truth and freedom…so much more…

I recommend it.

Impatience is easy. Waiting is hard…

I spend a lot of my time waiting.  I don’t know if this is a good thing but I can say in the last few years I have indeed become a more patient person because of it. I know I have many MANY improvements to make in that area but I do know it has already gotten better.  I am not sure where I am going with this but waiting is indeed hard.  Indulging is easy.

Life is hard.
How often to we say and hear that phrase?

Life is hard. I know it is. But what makes it so hard? And if it wasn’t hard would we like it?

The first part of my day today I spent bumming around apathetically breathing until it was time for work. That sounds pathetic but I couldn’t get the motivation to read, write, workout or really do much of anything… they all seemed hard. Too much effort…

I even heard myself say this morning “life is boring”.   What an awful statement! How could I say such a thing? I say: if life is boring, it is no ones fault but your own.

I changed that already and I hope I remember the next time I think that to get my lazy behind off the couch and go do something. I got to spend time with Jaime tonight and just being in her company made me feel better. It is healthy and inspiring to be in good fruitful company. I also got to go for a walk and tomorrow I am working out early and driving to Atlanta for a big concert.

So, I guess all this is to say it is a blessing life is tough and if it is easy, you are probably lazy, settling, or simply refusing to work hard for what you want.  If you are bored, you need to get motivated. We need to quit taking life easy or we are going to be real disappointed.  Life is tough for a reason and it is so we work and have fun and a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.   I found a few ways to look at it and over the course of the next couple of days I am going to share.

Compliments of Beverly Heirich

Bad is easy. Good is hard.

Falling is easy. Getting up is hard.

Talking is easy. Listening is hard.

Losing is easy. Winning is hard

Watching TV is easy. Reading is hard.

Giving advice is easy. Taking advice is hard.

Flab is easy. Muscle is hard.

Dirty is easy. Clean is hard.

Take is easy. Give is hard.

Dream is easy. Think is hard.

Lying is easy. Truth is hard.

Sleeping is easy. Waking is hard.

I’ll add my own by saying,
Sin is easy. Trust and obedience is hard.

Talking about God is easy. Praying to God is hard.
And listening to God is even harder.
I pray you all take the hard road.
Because after all, “Nothing in life that is good and worthwhile comes without effort”

Love you.