Biking on the Greenway

OK so I must say, Knoxville is getting cooler every day. I have a Greenway trail that starts (or you can jump on rather) right outside my apartment. I run it often and it’s definitely a good trail. Very pretty and not too hilly for my average 5k loop. Well, my friend Jaime discovered something even more exciting about the Greenway over the weekend… you can get from our house to the Cedar Bluff shopping center without ever getting on the road. Mind you the shopping center is even on the other side of the interstate! So we went yesterday to redeem our Best Buy gift cards (I think that makes us frequent spenders) and it was awesome. We both stopped at one point and were like, “really? This is Knoxville?” We were surrounded in all directions with grass and trees an skies and it was so beautiful. There were a few bridges over rivers and we went under the interstate…so it was perfect. Very peaceful. I ended up getting a UV lens for my camera, the Ingrid Michaelson CD and The Princess Bride DVD. ALL FOR FREE and I didn’t even use gas to get there! In fact, I got exercise. What a good day. I felt so productive and young again as we worked to save the planet one bike ride at a time.

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I read on a site that there are over 41 miles worth of paved greenway in Knoxville alone. Check it out and see if there is one near you:

Just maybe I can get from my house to yours :)

p.s. I updated my Summer 08 page again!


Day 1 Fitness Regimen

My Gym

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I started back with Harith (my person trainer) today at 180 Fitness and am about to die. Well, I am better now but when I was exercising I was about to die. I have not been that worn out in a looOong time. We will say today was my first workout since I haven’t been in about a month. I play soccer but have had the last few weeks off so I am fairly out of shape.

When we started working out Harith said, “I see you haven’t been working out with weights since I saw you last..” My mouth dropped wide open.He said, “No, no, you look good, I can just tell you haven’t been using weights.”…ouch.So no more of that. I am back in it! Soccer is starting again and my schedule is pretty consistent.

Here is what I did this morning….

-10 minutes warm up on EFX

– lay face up on bench, straighten and lift legs off bench and keep abs contracted while doing 15 chest presses (12 lbs)

– run one lap

-15 each lat pulls on bench (15 lbs)

-run two laps

-15 each bicep curls (10 lbs)

-run three laps

-100 bicycle crunches

-THIS WAS AWFUL: get on a dead (unplugged) treadmill, grab handlebars and force mat to move as you start to run. The resistance is incredible! and it was so hard! My heart rate was sky high! Run for 30 seconds.

This was the circuit I did three times!

I was dead. No lie. Wish I had someone to carry me out.

i took this picture to show how sweaty i was even AFTER the drive home. It didn’t really turn up but there is a drop coming off my nose if you look close enough! And a vein protruding from my forhead.

...Tired and sweaty...

...Tired and sweaty...

He took my measurements too… I’ll try to get those sometime so I can keep up with that. He also gave me a diet and insists I stick to it. I will try to stick to it for at least two weeks (that is the next time he measures me and I weigh in). When I have more time I may put it up here in case any of you ladies are interested.

I don’t plan on too many people seeing this so I will just throw my weigh and measurements out there for personal use. You can stop reading now b/c the rest is just numbers! Wish me luck!

Wednesday September 10, 2008
At 180 I weighed 147
At home this morning post workout I weighed 140.4 with BMI of 25.8

Surely I didn’t lose 7lbs haha I am sure there is a drastic difference on the scale.