2012 Fitness kickoff

Well, I might be two weeks late, but I am starting my fitness routine today. I can blame 10 days on sickness, 2 of them making sure I was better, and, well, 2 were just plain lazy. But I am starting today. I still have some congestion and a sore throat but I cannot put it off any longer. I have a training buddy at school who is in good shape so I need to spend a couple of weeks catching up! We are running a half marathon April 28th.

I have a few goals for myself: Not only do I want to workout more and lose fat, but I REALLY need to eat healthier. It’s really bad. So, for now, my goal is to simply EAT more fruits and vegetables. “More” is not really a measurable term, so my literal goal is at least one fruit and one vegetable a day. (I know, the fact that that is a goal just shows you how unhealthy I am.) Confession: I had puppy chow for breakfast and lunch and as a snack in between today… I mean there was real food in there too, but ya. Who does that?! I am going to have clogged arteries by 35.

For the record in case a stranger stumbles upon this blog (and so I don’t have to do the math when I am old and looking back on this) I am 27; 5’6 and my start weight is 140.2. I have an at home “body fat calculator” on my scale. From past experience with a real trainer I know it is not very accurate, but it is consitant, so as long as the number goes down I am happy. Right now it says I am at 33.3 — like I said, it is not accurate. Based in the BMI calculator I found on-line being 140lbs and 5’6 means I stand at 21.3. Either way, I just want it to go down.

My goal is 130 by our first lake day; we normally start going in April, so I will use 4/1 as my deadline; that is 11 weeks away so I have a goal of about a pound a week.

These pictures are my motivation. We were opening wedding presents over at Kyle and Christin’s a few days after the wedding. I want to be more toned than that though.

Here  I am now.  You always have to look bad in your “before” picture, so don’t judge my no makeup-havent left the house all day-face and wardrobe :)

Now I am off for the gym for the first time this year, my goal is 4 miles, wish me luck!!!



***update: it has been a month since this post and I have lost 3 consistent pounds (meaning once it goes off the scale it doesnt come back:). I still don’t eat healthy :/ healthy food bores me…. but I am working out so lets just not get so greedy here.


Jingle Bell run for Arthritis

Erica asked me a few weeks ago to run the jingle bell run in Knoxville, TN to help support those suffering with arthritis. I ran for my mommy and she ran for Mamaw Spoonemore.

The best part about this run is exactly what you would think… the jingle! Everyone participating was there with bells on.

On their shoes, their wrists, their shirts, their hats and heads; it was so much fun and by the end I hardly even noticed I was jiggling with each step :)

It was a bit on the cold side, which slowed both of us down, but seeings as we just started training the week before, we both did really well. My goal was to end in under 30 minutes and the official timer game me exactly that. 30:00. Now I know technically it was even better time than that since when you first cross the start line you are still walking until people get more spread out.  All in all, it was a good race, and I am looking forward to training and getting in shape for the REAL race in April.

Although it may look like I am smiling, I believe that is a cringe of misery.

xdf  We were a lot happier when it warmed up and we were headed into The Brewery to eat :)

Day 1

I think I am actually going to do it.

sweat. pain. shortness of breath. cramps. carbs. more sweat. fatigue. and maybe a change in diet.

can you guess?

I am going to run a half marathon!

There is a girlfriend at work who asked me a few weeks ago, and after she did, several others followed! Erica Fair, Sarah Fair, and possibly Beth Lovelace! :) It is going to be a great time.

Valarie and I are going to do the one in Nashville. I hear there are less hills and you get live music :) Not that I will actually be listening to it, because I am a rule breaker and like to run with my ipod.

The training technically starts in January, but Erica and I are running the Jingle Bell 5k this Saturday so I started training today. I ran 3.2 miles in either 32 or 34 minutes… i could tell you better if the treadmill would not have turned off on me at 30:00……..

that was miserable.

Yes, I know a 10 minute mile is slow but that is the first time I have run since….. pre-wedding…. so let’s say MAY.


I am going to be keeping track of my training on one of my pages; I didn’t want to clog up my blog with running and time/weight posts.

If any of you want to join us in our training let me know.

The best sign at my gym

I am not sure how much longer I can afford this personal trainer thing. I am going to need someone to work out with me at 180, maybe around the New Year, so if you are interested let me know. I also think he’s also bad for my mental health. The two days before I weigh in I am always freaking out and thinking I am hugely obese and fat and then I get there and I’ve lost two more pounds and two and a half inches! Wahoo! That’s good but the point is I think its bad for me and I’m going crazy lol.

I will say this morning’s workout kicked my butt. I did weights with Harith and then biked ten miles. It was insane.

I have been meaning to take this picture for a long time. There is a sign on the bench where we put our bags and waters. I’ts outside the racquetball courts and it cracks me up! Well, mainly number 1 and 5 hahaha


Race for the Cure

We may not have been racing, but we did jog for the cure…Lindsey Haas and I decided to do the Race for the Cure last Saturday in World Fair Park. It was really last minute. In fact, I don’t think we decided until about ten o’clock Friday night. She invited me over so I went down town to her place for a way past due slumber party :) We watched P.S. I love you and tried to google the race course map, but I promise the trail we looked at was like 900 miles long so we were terrified!

But we got up anyways, ate our Wheaties, and ran to the park for our warm up. The trail was not nearly as awful as we expected although it did have about four terrible hills. We finished in about 28 and a half minutes, which isn’t bad for us considering neither one of us have been running… and it was soOo crowded; we didn’t actually start running until about a minute after we crossed the starting line. It was a great time overall and I love a good 5k. There’s just something about the atmosphere that gets me really excited.

I guess we didn’t run quite hard enough because after the race and out walk home we still had enough energy to take pictures like these:

Day 1 Fitness Regimen

My Gym

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

I started back with Harith (my person trainer) today at 180 Fitness and am about to die. Well, I am better now but when I was exercising I was about to die. I have not been that worn out in a looOong time. We will say today was my first workout since I haven’t been in about a month. I play soccer but have had the last few weeks off so I am fairly out of shape.

When we started working out Harith said, “I see you haven’t been working out with weights since I saw you last..” My mouth dropped wide open.He said, “No, no, you look good, I can just tell you haven’t been using weights.”…ouch.So no more of that. I am back in it! Soccer is starting again and my schedule is pretty consistent.

Here is what I did this morning….

-10 minutes warm up on EFX

– lay face up on bench, straighten and lift legs off bench and keep abs contracted while doing 15 chest presses (12 lbs)

– run one lap

-15 each lat pulls on bench (15 lbs)

-run two laps

-15 each bicep curls (10 lbs)

-run three laps

-100 bicycle crunches

-THIS WAS AWFUL: get on a dead (unplugged) treadmill, grab handlebars and force mat to move as you start to run. The resistance is incredible! and it was so hard! My heart rate was sky high! Run for 30 seconds.

This was the circuit I did three times!

I was dead. No lie. Wish I had someone to carry me out.

i took this picture to show how sweaty i was even AFTER the drive home. It didn’t really turn up but there is a drop coming off my nose if you look close enough! And a vein protruding from my forhead.

...Tired and sweaty...

...Tired and sweaty...

He took my measurements too… I’ll try to get those sometime so I can keep up with that. He also gave me a diet and insists I stick to it. I will try to stick to it for at least two weeks (that is the next time he measures me and I weigh in). When I have more time I may put it up here in case any of you ladies are interested.

I don’t plan on too many people seeing this so I will just throw my weigh and measurements out there for personal use. You can stop reading now b/c the rest is just numbers! Wish me luck!

Wednesday September 10, 2008
At 180 I weighed 147
At home this morning post workout I weighed 140.4 with BMI of 25.8

Surely I didn’t lose 7lbs haha I am sure there is a drastic difference on the scale.