2012 Fitness kickoff

Well, I might be two weeks late, but I am starting my fitness routine today. I can blame 10 days on sickness, 2 of them making sure I was better, and, well, 2 were just plain lazy. But I am starting today. I still have some congestion and a sore throat but I cannot put it off any longer. I have a training buddy at school who is in good shape so I need to spend a couple of weeks catching up! We are running a half marathon April 28th.

I have a few goals for myself: Not only do I want to workout more and lose fat, but I REALLY need to eat healthier. It’s really bad. So, for now, my goal is to simply EAT more fruits and vegetables. “More” is not really a measurable term, so my literal goal is at least one fruit and one vegetable a day. (I know, the fact that that is a goal just shows you how unhealthy I am.) Confession: I had puppy chow for breakfast and lunch and as a snack in between today… I mean there was real food in there too, but ya. Who does that?! I am going to have clogged arteries by 35.

For the record in case a stranger stumbles upon this blog (and so I don’t have to do the math when I am old and looking back on this) I am 27; 5’6 and my start weight is 140.2. I have an at home “body fat calculator” on my scale. From past experience with a real trainer I know it is not very accurate, but it is consitant, so as long as the number goes down I am happy. Right now it says I am at 33.3 — like I said, it is not accurate. Based in the BMI calculator I found on-line being 140lbs and 5’6 means I stand at 21.3. Either way, I just want it to go down.

My goal is 130 by our first lake day; we normally start going in April, so I will use 4/1 as my deadline; that is 11 weeks away so I have a goal of about a pound a week.

These pictures are my motivation. We were opening wedding presents over at Kyle and Christin’s a few days after the wedding. I want to be more toned than that though.

Here  I am now.  You always have to look bad in your “before” picture, so don’t judge my no makeup-havent left the house all day-face and wardrobe :)

Now I am off for the gym for the first time this year, my goal is 4 miles, wish me luck!!!



***update: it has been a month since this post and I have lost 3 consistent pounds (meaning once it goes off the scale it doesnt come back:). I still don’t eat healthy :/ healthy food bores me…. but I am working out so lets just not get so greedy here.


Day 1

I think I am actually going to do it.

sweat. pain. shortness of breath. cramps. carbs. more sweat. fatigue. and maybe a change in diet.

can you guess?

I am going to run a half marathon!

There is a girlfriend at work who asked me a few weeks ago, and after she did, several others followed! Erica Fair, Sarah Fair, and possibly Beth Lovelace! :) It is going to be a great time.

Valarie and I are going to do the one in Nashville. I hear there are less hills and you get live music :) Not that I will actually be listening to it, because I am a rule breaker and like to run with my ipod.

The training technically starts in January, but Erica and I are running the Jingle Bell 5k this Saturday so I started training today. I ran 3.2 miles in either 32 or 34 minutes… i could tell you better if the treadmill would not have turned off on me at 30:00……..

that was miserable.

Yes, I know a 10 minute mile is slow but that is the first time I have run since….. pre-wedding…. so let’s say MAY.


I am going to be keeping track of my training on one of my pages; I didn’t want to clog up my blog with running and time/weight posts.

If any of you want to join us in our training let me know.