“Times of waiting take us to deeper levels of trust.”

I read that in a book today and feel like that is exactly where I am right now, so I am trying to make that my prayer; that I exercise patience and faith as I wait for God’s answers. I feel like I am surrounded by people that are going through the same thing…waiting that is… for jobs, answers, healing, kemo to end (3 more!!).
Sometimes that is so hard, especially when you think you know what to do or what God wants you to do. Other times it is hard to tell the difference. But I want to be sure and want what is best. And I know that is His plan.

So here I am. Waiting and praying :)

Even if the sky is falling down.


Where do good days come from?

There was no reason for this day to be as good as it was. As a matter of fact, it probably should have been a bad one… I had an observation by my field supervisor this afternoon. I stayed up too late last night. I didn’t get enough sleep, despite the fact I over slept, so I didn’t get to go to Chick-fil-a for my free breakfast, and my coffee wasn’t sweet enough… I went to an M-team meeting instead of my eye appointment and am now sitting here with more to do than I know I will…

But for some reason today was noticeably good. I have things to be worried, sad, and stressed out about… but still, I was abnormally happy, especially considering the circumstances, and i sit here typ-o-ing with too long fingernails with a smile on my face.

Good day.

Thank you Father :)


I was at Barnes and Noble today because I was feeling a little down…and sometimes that’s what I do when I feel down… I love bookstores, I love knowledge, I love books, I love the setting and the whispers. I love the smell of coffee and the smell of books. I can go in there without buying anything and leave a little bit happier.

Ironically enough, today I stumbled upon a book called, be happy. It is a tiny book based on magazine cartoons by Monica Sheehan, just to help you live a happy life. Everyone every once in a while needs a reminder that it really is the simple things that really do make for a happier life. “Show up, do things you’re good at, dance, get a good nights sleep and keep learning”.

So here I am to give you a few reminders a few days at a time, when I remember, to hopefully bring you out of any gloominess this nasty winter weather, a cold, or a disappointment may bring on. A simple thing to remember is:

  1. Follow your heart.

This one is pretty obvious but can never be said too often. This goes way beyond your love life. We should always remember to follow our heart when it comes to the biggest or smallest decisions: selecting friends, telling the truth, making choices, voting, choosing a job, giving advice to a friend, and many more. I always encourage people to dig deep and reflect on what they really want and what they really feel.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right—for you’ll be criticized anyway.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

That’s the nice way to say “damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t…” at least this way you feel good about yourself on the inside when it’s all said and done.

soccer with friends

I am trying to focus on all the things that make me happy. Being active and working out definitely help. That’s not just me though, that’s everyone. Something about releasing endorphins and making you feel happier. Who knows. But Sunday was a great day for me. And the fact that it rained somehow, only made it better.

I love soccer and I love my team. There is something about being a part of a team, where people count of you, respect you and want the same thing you do…to win!

I really do like a team. I don’t know what it is but I love being out there. Many of my worries disappear and all I am thinking about is where I am going to go next. (or the ball or the man I am marking) but you get my drift. It is nice to have a mental vacation for those 90 minutes where your biggest worry is if the ball is going to get past you or not.

This to me is better than running because my worries don’t go away when I run, they actually surface. I have those 45 minutes to think about anything and everything and although it may be good for me, it is not always a happy experience. So at least with soccer my mind is at ease. I am amongst friends, and I am happy.

Praise God for recreational sports!

These are our fans. There are even more behind me but two pictures are enough.
I am kind of jealous of them. Well not them but the spouse they are there supporting. How cool is it that they have no other place they would rather be than watching their husband/wife play a ridiculous game of soccer… in the rain. That is so special and something to admire. I hope one day I have that.

It’s the little things

Do you ever have a moment in a normal day when you are doing normal things and all of a sudden something hits you, out of the ordinary, and you take a deep sigh and smile as you think, gaa, life is good.

It happens more than I can account for but most recently it happened Sunday and today.

Today I was walking out to my car headed to work and the wind picked and send my hair and clothes soaring and caused my entire body to step back a little.

I just stopped and smiled. It was as if that burst of wind was a reminder of how good God is to me. How no matter what I can rest in the comfort of knowing He is taking care of me. He loves me and is working for my good whether I always see it or not.

It was breath of fresh air.

And it really just makes me smile.

This week has been great weather so far and it is often underestimated.

God gives us so much that we take for granted. We don’t seem to give Him the time of day until he takes one of them away.

But as the Job says we must praise him for the good and the bad, we must not accuse him of wrongdoing. The Lord gives and takes away. How blessed am I to have been given and trusted with so many things.

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

And praise Him for the breeze!