Take a hike

I was hiking today with Dad and Aaron and the trail was pretty difficult. It was uphill a lot of the time (or up-rock rather). We were climbing rocks and hopping from one to the other most of the way in and out. It was taking a lot of concentration to say the least and Dad said something about how it was so intense he was concentrating so hard on not tripping he didn’t even have time to day dream.

That’s one thing that is really good about hiking. You can get a lot of thinking done. Even when you are with a person as talkative as me there is still plenty of time to think and reflect.

After dad said that I got to thinking about how much I think… I was actually thinking at that time about lots of stuff despite the hefty incline. I kinda hear that a lot about myself, I think a lot…

Even the other night I was out with friends listening to music and just relaxing outside and I said something I suppose was “deep” for a night out and my friend said something like I was constantly thinking deep and she didn’t know how I did it. She said, “I am just sitting here thinking about what I have to do tomorrow and you are thinking about good and evil and how to better the world or something!”

I admit, I do think about these kinds of things often. How people are being deceived by the world, the devil, their peers…and it saddens me and I want to help them… sometimes it is mind boggling and discouraging. But this is often what I think of. I told my dad she said that and he said that was abnormal this day and age but from the looks of what he could tell about me, I had trained my mind to think about such things. I have been taught since a child to take every thought captive. I try not to dwell on things I deem inappropriate (or God says is) and when they come up I normally exit them out and think about godly things or why I was even thinking that or if I am thinking that what is this other person thinking… lol crazy I know… but then I get back to God and how He is the best for everything… Yes, this takes a lifetime of training… as in I am still training myself daily for sure.

Sometimes I think about how people don’t like to think. I often ask people what they are thinking and get an “I don’t know” or “nothing” or “can’t say” as the answer….

To me that is nearly impossible. But I am not saying it is that way for everyone.

I do think in some circumstances it is a choice. I know many people that cannot drive, clean, eat, exercise or even sleep without noise. People that CANNOT sleep without the TV on!! and many more than that prefer to have it on to help them sleep, claiming, without the TV their thoughts keep them awake.

Well maybe they are keeping us awake for a reason?

Maybe we should think them?

Think them through

Are we afraid of what we are thinking? What we might have to deal with?

Why don’t we just think it, write it down, reflect on it and when possible, solve it?

How long can we suppress these thoughts or feelings and hide them with TV, sounds and “I don’t knows”?

Are we afraid to be alone with our thoughts?

Perhaps Americans insistence on sound is indeed a symptom of our stubborn refusal to think.

I think it is very important to have a time of reflection. Call it what you want: prayer, meditation, blogging, etc… these are all ways to get what has been on your mind today OUT. Get it online, on paper, give it to God in prayer or give it to a friend. Keeping it to your self will never help. It will just stay there… haunting you…

Reflection, writing, planning— all those things can HELP YOU.

Many people lay awake at night planning for tomorrow. Grab a pen and write it down. Then you won’t worry about forgetting and you can add to it when you wake up if you need to. I know that sounds simple but it gets deeper…

If we/you don’t take time to reflect or THINK about your day, your life, your agenda, your goals…

How will you ever improve?

How will you ever solve or let God solve any of your problems?

It seems very important to be able to look at your day and say, “How can I do this better tomorrow?”

How can I be a better person or better to someone, tomorrow?

Think about it

I dare you.