“Times of waiting take us to deeper levels of trust.”

I read that in a book today and feel like that is exactly where I am right now, so I am trying to make that my prayer; that I exercise patience and faith as I wait for God’s answers. I feel like I am surrounded by people that are going through the same thing…waiting that is… for jobs, answers, healing, kemo to end (3 more!!).
Sometimes that is so hard, especially when you think you know what to do or what God wants you to do. Other times it is hard to tell the difference. But I want to be sure and want what is best. And I know that is His plan.

So here I am. Waiting and praying :)

Even if the sky is falling down.



“The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for…
and the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance, but live right in it, under its roof.  Right now I’m living in that hope, running down its hallway, and touching the walls on both sides.”

~Barbara Kingsolver

The imagery of that made me smile. I know it has been a while, but I thought I’d share :) I am currently on my plan period, so that is all for now.
ave a happy blessed day as you run down the hall of godly love and hope grazing both sizes. :)   Don’t worry, He’ll take care of the fingerprints ;)


Lap Top...Lap Dog...

Lap Top...Lap Dog...

Ok so I am having hard time pulling myself off the couch today. It doesn’t help that Palin has not moved since I sat down. She is for sure the definition of a lap dog and refuses to rest anywhere else. I did just go out the front door, however, to see if it was still raining…. and it is….. which means, no running, at least not this afternoon.  I am still sore from soccer on Sunday (my first outdoor practice since spring) so I am needing some cardio to loosen up.

I guess since i am starting this new blog about the regular/normal (not so theological) parts of my life, I guess i can catch you all up…

School: I am in my third semester of my Masters program at Lincoln Memorial University. And after this semester, three to go! Next semester I will be student teaching and the semester after that I will either be teaching full time or nannying while I finish my last semester.I am really excited to finally have my own classroom and teach full time.

Work: I am still nannying right now even though it is very laid back since both kids are in school. There are a riot sometimes and a pain in the neck most of the others. Parents, please discipline your children. And when you make a rule or give a punishment STICK TO IT.
Be nosy. These are your kids!! Someone needs to take care of them. And yes, it IS your business to be in their business.

Faith: God is teaching me a lot, reminding me of the many things I forget over and over about trusting Him, leaning on Him and Him alone for my strength and security. He is all I got. I love my church and my family there. The young women have started a small group. So far it is fantastic and many of them are learning what a big difference prayer can make in the life of a believer. I think big things are going to happen in this group and I am very excited! I think many Christians are in the same boat when it comes to their daily life with God. We know we love him but daily can’t get up (or sit down) and make time for Him. How does that make us look to him? How do you think that makes him feel? If I were in a relationship with someone and they didn’t make time for me everyday in one way or another, I would be crushed.

Speaking of relationships… I don’t really know what to say about that…I’m hoping for the best. And i know with God in control I will get it. I know God knows what he is doing but I can’t help but be discouraged and confused.
Please just pray for me. Pray for me and pray for him. It is really out of my hands now and I need to give him over to God daily. Pray God moves him while he is away and I remain patient and strong.
Love you all! Whoever finds this anyways :)