She shoots, and scores!!!


Able (the top scorer on my soccer team) was not here on Sunday for the game so I got pushed up as forward. Everyone joked that I had to carry his load since he was missing (which is normally at least a hat trick) so we knew that wasn’t quite possible. I did play hard and somehow believe it or not was the first to score!!! Matt shot and missed and I chipped it over the keepers head for our first goal! I was super excited and the guys were really encouraging. I played forward the rest of the game and was so exhausted.

Kat also scored and it was beautiful. For all who don’t know Kat is the reason I am even on this team and truly a best friend. She is so good to me and always there for me when I really need her. (Even if it means getting up at 8am on a Sunday morning or making herself watch UT football when she really isn’t in the mood).

She told me the other day how she was thinking about how much we argued but still how close we were. We do bicker a lot, like an old married couple most of the time and sometimes we actually hurt each others feelings but we always come back to one another loving even more than we did the day before. We are both outgoing and funny but still have very different personalities. Its hard to remember how different people react differently to different things but I am learning to take that into consideration when I am with her. She and another best friend of mine are the two people I care about the most here in Ktown and both have personalities I love and want to keep around forever.Kat said even though we argued and it stunk, she wouldn’t trade it for the world. It isn’t fun when we fight but I guess she would rather fight with me than have peace and boring life without me.: )It made me happy. Yes it stinks we fight but she cant imagine her life without me in it :) awwwww *the crowd sighs* what a good friend and I love her.


soccer with friends

I am trying to focus on all the things that make me happy. Being active and working out definitely help. That’s not just me though, that’s everyone. Something about releasing endorphins and making you feel happier. Who knows. But Sunday was a great day for me. And the fact that it rained somehow, only made it better.

I love soccer and I love my team. There is something about being a part of a team, where people count of you, respect you and want the same thing you do…to win!

I really do like a team. I don’t know what it is but I love being out there. Many of my worries disappear and all I am thinking about is where I am going to go next. (or the ball or the man I am marking) but you get my drift. It is nice to have a mental vacation for those 90 minutes where your biggest worry is if the ball is going to get past you or not.

This to me is better than running because my worries don’t go away when I run, they actually surface. I have those 45 minutes to think about anything and everything and although it may be good for me, it is not always a happy experience. So at least with soccer my mind is at ease. I am amongst friends, and I am happy.

Praise God for recreational sports!

These are our fans. There are even more behind me but two pictures are enough.
I am kind of jealous of them. Well not them but the spouse they are there supporting. How cool is it that they have no other place they would rather be than watching their husband/wife play a ridiculous game of soccer… in the rain. That is so special and something to admire. I hope one day I have that.