more on Thanksgiving


Aw I am so happy my Aunt Suzi found my site! (Thank you for your comments! I hope you keep reading, it is so good to be in touch:) Not to mention, every time someone finds it and comments, I am more motivated to write. I love my family so much! I have been gone far too long!! I had such a great time in Indiana and am so glad I took the 8 hours to drive up there. My only sadness was leaving my friends in Tennessee. I have gotten used to being with them on the big holidays and it was sad to leave them, especially Mattie, behind. If I could have stuck them all in my pocket (or trunk) and brought them with me, there is no doubt I would have!

The best way I can think of to briefly tell you about my trip is with bullets. So, here are some of the things that made the trip so great:

  1. Getting to call 911 on the way here (everyone, that I know of, is okay) it’s too long of a story but if you see me in person I will tell you all about it
  2. Seeing a Krispy Cream Donut truck pulled over on the side of I75 by, not one, but THREE cop cars!
  3. How hilarious my family is! I now remember where I get my horribly abusive sense of humor lol, never a dull moment
  4. Grandma and Grandpa’s impressive dog Andy. He is an Irish Pointer (Setter?) something like that, he’s got back and white spots and minds better than I ever have. He fetches the paper, tells you what he really wants and lies down on his rug quietly whenever he is asked. I think I want one
  5. Getting to see all my cousins and laughing non-stop
  6. Listening to Chris make fun of… everybody…
  7. The assembly line made of Chris, me, Aunt Suzi, Angie and Uncle Dave as we passed chairs down the stairs into the basement and Chris at the top trying to hand me in the middle a giant rocking chair! (it was soooOOoo funny)
    *had to be there I guess*
  8. Grandpa’s horrible jokes
  9. The smell of grandmas house
  10. The memories when driving through the neighborhood
  11. My first and 110% successful Black Friday shopping expedition!
    I went to Best Buy, Office Max and Dicks! It was fun but definitely not an annual event for me.I need to cross some things off my Christmas list!!
  12. Mom’s green bean casserole
  13. Everyone asking 9 million questions about Mattie
  14. Getting to see my sister (even thought it was not for as long as I would have liked)
  15. Grandma’s tears when it was time to go…

The only not so exciting things:

  1. The crazy had to be drunk or dead driver that tried to run me over on the interstate.
  2. My camera broke…
  3. Having to stop at midnight to add oil to my old clunky car…
  4. The disappointing Kanye West Cd… normally I would never even buy this but I heard on the radio it was awesome and I like “Love lockdown” so I gave it a shot… very disappointing…
  5. Matt couldn’t come
  6. Dave and Amy, Cannon and Criston couldn’t make it
  7. I missed out on Suzi’s sweet potato casserole
  8. I could only stay three days…

Bitter sweet was the road trip, I always love road trips but his one kind of stunk because it was alone and long and I didn’t really talk on the phone at all but it gave me time to sing, think and focus on the road. I also got to use my new birthday present! Matt got me a Tomtom GPS and it saved me so many times this weekend! (and helped me tremendously on back Friday, but that’s another story)

Okay my next post will surely pertain to the present (unless Angie puts her pictures up soon then I will throw in some of those!) since I have reminisced on the past twice now. I am extremely busy with school finals and preparation to student teach next semester but I will try to keep everyone up to date with life’s fun happenings!


Turkey Day Ramblings…


I am in Indiana with my family and everyone is either getting ready for tonight or sleeping soundly with football on…that is always my queue to get on the computer. I’ve never really been able to give my attention to the TV so laptops are always nice. I like sports but it is hard for me to watch them on TV, unless it’s a close game of UT basketball!

Anyways, this trip has already been the best one in a long time and I haven’t even been here 24 hours yet. Lunch with the family was fantastic. Everything was so good but I must give honorable mention to Jason (my sister’s boyfriend) who made a killer blueberry pie and Chris’s girlfriend Amber, who made the really really yummy peach cobbler! Yum. I almost can’t believe it took m this long to get back here but I know it was not by choice. I do have a demanding job and that is what has kept me down south. I guess all that to say, I do love my family, they are fantastic and it won’t be 8 years before I come back again.

I am thankful for so many things I do not know where to start… I am so thankful for my loving and genuine my family, my friends, my health, my family’s health, my old but running car, people’s honesty, my eyes, my working body, the love of my Father in heaven, the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ…

That I made it to Indiana safely and so did my parents..

Oh my I could go on but more food is ready!

I am thankful for food!!!