80’s Cocktail Party


These girls and many that are not pictured are an answered prayer. This is from my 80’s party Friday night. It is so crazy to look at this group of girls as I wonder, where did they all come from? I say that because a year ago I had a birthday party in which I had two girl friends there… TWO! I can’t even tell you how many guys were there, maybe twenty. Don’t get me wrong I love my guy friends and they are so good to me, but I really craved and needed girl friends. I am so blessed to have not only quantity but quality. God has answered a huge prayer by placing amazing women in his likeness into my life. Surrounding myself with strong Christian girls has been a desire and need of mine that God has fulfilled and I am so thankful. I am also so glad all my friends are almost as crazy as I am and terrific sports who will dress like fools just because I ask them too!

Thank you everyone who helped me with the house and the party (especially Jaime, Becky, Katie and Kristen!). As I said you guys are true friends and a real blessing! I couldn’t do it without you