Wish List

My ongoing ever changing wish list…

I made this for my parents in 2008 thinking: like I am ever really gonna get any of it for Christmas… but as the years have gone by, I have gotten a lot of this and more. So now I drop in about once a year, update it,  and say, “heck yea! I got that! I am so blessed.”

I try to remember that none of these “things” are really mine, but the Lords. He is so kind to bless me with them.

Camping/outdoors gear

This camping bed from Cabela’s my dad got us this Christmas 2011

2 sleeping bags for Josh and I: 15-30*  mummy

Fabric camp table: $14.99 from my thoughtful sister and law :) Christmas 2011

Roll top table for camping and tailgating

2 hammocks

2 pie irons

a cast iron skillet

Propane Lantern

Hiking boots for Josh

These Sorel snow/ski/snowmobile boots: Yes! Josh got them for Christmas before we went snowmobiling up north in Wisconsin

Running shoes for Josh


Trypod for my camera

Mac computer


Health/Fitness and Sports

Light Weight sleeping bag and Therma-rest, since I lost mine :(  Mike Knapp got me these as a wedding gift!

Good ski gloves  Josh got me these right before we went to Wisco last year :)

New ASICS running shoes or these



The rest of my Willow Creek Nativity Scene

Mountain Hardwear or North face Fleece and a raincoat

Bobbi Brown Eye Liner

The black sweater Ugg boots (ever thought I’s say that)

 Over the top

Braces  yes, my husband got me these :)

New car (Infiniti G37 or Nissan Altima Coupe) ya know for anyone who is feeling generous :)  Done. Switched my “wants” to a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

a House  check :) I love our home in Farragut!

Sapphire & diamond earrings earrings

A David Yurman ring I am in love with.

 Gift Cards:

Target, Best Buy, Nine West, Dicks Sporting Goods, J Crew, or of course Walmart :)


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